Walrus Full Set - Ab. Dots - Size 2A - Fits Martin
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(1) Set of Matching Fossilized Walrus Ivory Bridge Pins, End Pin and Strap Button.  Bridge Pins contain a 4mm Abalone dots. This set is Size 2A with NO slot (can be if needed). This set contains a 5º tapered shaft with the diameter at the top of the shaft (just below the skirt) of 0.220" and a string slot running the full length of the shaft and cutting through the shirt. This size will fit Martin guitars since 1994 and some Old Gibson guitars. Also, Fits 2007 Martin D-28
This set, along with all others listed for sale, were made in our shop in Kentucky. PLEASE NOTE: This discounted price is for 1 set of the pins shown. Additional matching sets will be at regular price.

  • Item #: VVSET628

Walrus Full Set - Ab. Dots - Size 2A - Fits Martin

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